Why Join Monash

Monash offers a great learning environment, and provides opportunities in various fields and immense growth potential - here one grows with the feeling of being at home - away from home.

We feel that an individual growth can only take place if there is a strong passion for work and a desire to achieve greater heights. This 'desire to excel' quality is an integral part of the Monash work environment and by working with some of the brightest minds, an individual slowly realizes his true potential. At Monash, we provide that environment that helps one to truly realize his potential.

What we have to offer you:
Opportunity and exposure to work in India as well as abroad
Opportunity to realize one's potential through continued learning
Progress and achievement in an environment of collective innovation in the company of the best talented professionals

In addition, some of the facilities provided at Monash are:
Pick up and drop facilities at regular intervals
Health care facility with regular medical checkups
A good cafeteria providing a wide spectrum of goodies
Freedom to chose and order your own dinner
Recreational facilities - sports etc
Clubs triggering creativity
Health insurance for self and family
Company Leased accommodation scheme
Employee Stock Option Scheme
Guest House Facility