Our Culture

We are here today due to a vision that we share which reads as:
Monash aims to build a globally competitive software solutions organization by leveraging on core competencies in Document Management and Work Flow Technologies which are amongst the best; an environment which encourages creativity, innovation and learning for professionals and enable them to achieve professional excellence and happiness.

Our Mission statement reads as follows:
Empowering enterprises to transform their business processes by leveraging on our knowledge and using cutting edge technologies that are dependable and efficient.

Monash's Value System
A small yet a very close knit group of IITians were instrumental in laying down the foundation of Monash a decade ago - the initiation for our value system.

Voluntary commitment
Giving in, showing consideration accepting common fate and giving up selfish desires
Dignity of labor and collective responsibility
Scientific Objectivity
Justice and Equality
Transparency - Independence and Involvement
Truthfulness - Honesty, Punctuality, Orderliness, Simplicity
Encouragement to think and contribute creatively
Decisions are taken in public interest - benefiting all community

Our Ethos refers to the deep core set of beliefs that we stand for. It defines the very soul of an organization and is unchanging through time. These values are egalitarian and include aspects such as dignity of labor, collective responsibility, transparency, truthfulness etc. These are time tested and remain throughout the life of an organization.

At Monash, our Values form the outer core that defines the way we work. It involves the styles, culture and systems such as participative style of functioning, training and growth for all, precise communication and respect for individuals amongst other things.

We believe that a strong ethos coupled with an equally strong value system will lead Monash to great heights.