Business process outsourcing (BPO) is increasingly becoming the strategic choice of companies looking to achieve cost reductions while improving their service quality, increasing shareholder value and focusing on their core business capabilities.

Monash's breadth of capabilities, proven project management skills and ability to integrate technology with business processes makes us your natural choice as BPO partner.

Monash is already adding value by providing BPM (Business Process Management) solutions to many top of the line BPO clients. Our BPO offerings showcase our commitment to bringing operational excellence to your business processes for optimal service, quality and cost.

With the BPO market maturing and the focus shifting from simple-process to complex process outsourcing engagements, BPO vendors need to adopt a more creative and customer centric approach to the BPO services they offer.

To achieve this, BPO vendors will need to address the following challenges:

Reduced cost of customer acquisition

Improving profitability within shortening BPO contract periods

Dynamic enhancements to match client requirements

Reducing costs by improving operational efficiency and quality

Increasing ROI by realizing business benefits sooner

Meeting SLAs (Service Level Agreements) and tracking performance through

accurate process monitoring and reporting

Rapid rollout to avoid long and costly development and development cycles

Scalable approach to clients business plans

Management Information System

24x7 approach to business continuity management

Key components of the Monash Product Suite for BPO include:

Graphical tool for process definition
Monash's workflow manager provides user-friendly interface to define business processes allowing complete flow chart of process to be generated using graphical tool. Graphic route builder tool provides an ability to define rules on processes that can be tested and refined from time to time to achieve optimum results. Existing processes can be modified quickly and easily in response to dynamic customer requirements.

Administration process tool
Ability to provide a user-friendly desktop for administration of all business process. It provides users and group management, mapping groups to organizational roles, queue management like assigning work or participants to queue, ways to find bottlenecks and correcting them by taking appropriate actions hence eliminating non-added value manual tasks, freeing staff to focus on more business critical activities.

Report Management tool
Comprehensive graphical and transactional reports like total turn around time on workstep, process performance, user performance, delays on a workstep, user performance comparison etc. are provided by the system. The tool helps setting up rule-based alerts and triggers to ensure deadlines are not missed on a process.

Monitoring process tool
Monash's product suite provides a user-friendly desktop for administration and monitoring of all business process. It gives various tools to administrator for controlling and refining business process improvement during the lifetime of a BPO contract.

Scalable Processing Server for handling high transactions load and fast ramp-up of users