Co-ordinating the efforts of research and development, production, distribution and marketing, while achieving regulatory compliance, is a challenge that any pharmaceutical organization faces. Bringing a product to market quickly requires supporting a highly collaborative and extensive database of information and documents in R&D with volumes of content. Manufacturing a drug to stringent standards, recording each step and maintaining the information for years is essential.

Monash products and applications allow pharmaceutical organizations to improve a number of critical processes. Our collaborative services help groups to quickly develop consensus on a variety of issues, while our knowledge management capabilities deliver information to the right people, when they need it most. Monash has solutions that address document management through drug discovery, clinical trials, quality assurance and in the formulation departments.

Monash can help you generate and deliver high quality content from R&D through to commercialization and production in a secure e-business environment:
Company wide standardization of templates Process-oriented file management

Seamless hand-over of the documentation to production

Consistent and complete administration of the versions of the documentation submitted

Paperless submission

Creation and admission of consistent cross-reference