Monash offers a variety of solutions, covering virtually every sector of the industry, be it the services sector, manufacturing sector, BPO, Financial Sector, Telecom Sector, Education Sector, Projects and Consulting or the defense sector. We have offered a gamut of customized solutions to our clients which encompass the entire spectrum of our expertise and are based not only on our existing range of products, but have also been developed, from the scratch, on a client - specific basis.

With our imaging based Document Management and Workflow solutions, we are capable of catering to a wide range of client requirements. Customized versions of Omni Docs (Monash's Document Management System), OmniReports (Monash's Online Report Warehouse), OmniFlow (A platform-independent, scalable Workflow solution that enables automation of organizational business processes), OmniCapture (A file scanning and auto document categorization system), SmartStatements (A complete Billing/ Statement Presentation, Archival and Retrieval Solution over the Intranet and Internet) and OmniExtract (Monash's High Speed Scanning and Data Extraction Solution) are an integral part of the IT infrastructure of many of our satisfied clients.

At Monash, we believe that technology implementation cannot be effective or productive unless it combines domain knowledge - an understanding of the customer's line of business. And this is what Monash provides - technological competence combined with industry knowledge.