The Process

Prioritizing the Query Issues
Monash Software assigns a particular number to a particular query in order of their urgency priorities or Urgency Levels (UL). Then the query is placed in a queue to be processed by the next available engineer. Response time depends on the severity of the problem and availability of a support engineer.

Urgency Level 1
The problem might be defined as the critical situation wherein the problem affects the customer's production environment and makes the software impossible to use. For UL1, our Support takes the query as the highest priority until the customer is given a complete solution.

Urgency Level 2
The problem is a non-critical situation wherein the customer can avoid it on a temporary basis. This will be dealt in time.

Urgency Level 3
The problem might involve any small document corrections, or small problem, which the customer can avoid easily. This the customer can resolve over the phone or email or faxes.

Urgency Level 4
These can be requests wherein the customer asks for the enhancements to the existing products. This is at the complete discretion of Monash Software Product Enhancement Team. The Team reviews the need for the enhancement and then decides if the need for the enhancement can be done as the functionality of the product, or, it may be offered for an additional charge, or, as a chargeable option.