While new innovative technology is being developed, the manufacturing industry must work to effectively incorporate advances into existing manufacturing operations while maximizing productivity and profitability. Pressures to increase production levels while reducing costs, make better use of information about physical assets and facilities, and compete effectively in a highly competitive business environment, present ongoing challenges within the manufacturing industry.

Monash Solutions can be integrated seamlessly with your CRM, ERP, or other e-business applications providing relevant, timely information to everyone upon request. Our Document Management solutions are SAP certified. Whether your organization has standardized on a traditional client/server platform or on thin web-client interfaces, Monash will help you meet your integrated information management needs and goals. Leading manufacturing firms have installed Monash solutions on an enterprise-wide scale to capture, store, share and control the information used in documents and engineering drawings.

Monash helps you
Centralize processing of vendor payments eliminating delays arising out of late payment, cash flow problems etc.
Archival and Distribution of Assembly line and other reports
Ensure 100% authenticity of the extracted data due to the inherent cent percent accuracy of the OMR engine
Do away with the cost of photocopying and keeping multiple copies of drawings and documents