Query Resolution

After the cases are assigned a priority, they are put into a queue to be processed by the next available support engineer. The engineer that first removes the case from the queue becomes responsible for that case until it is resolved.

After taking a new case, the support engineer will investigate to determine the proper course of action. This may require the engineer to re-create the issue, work with our Software Development team, work with the customer on their configuration of the software, etc. If the support engineer determines that the issue requires a change to the software then the engineer will notify the appropriate development team. As soon as a fix is available from development, the support engineer will provide that fix to the customer.

Query Response Time
The Support requests are generally replied to within 24 hours, for all products other than exceptional cases, wherein the solution would take thorough Technical Work hours for assessment, analysis and working on it. The actual resolution time for the query depends on the complexity of the issue.

Query Resolved
A query is considered open until the customer is fully satisfied. It is considered as resolved, if the customer fails to respond to further requests from Monash on the particular query. Generally, 2 follow-up mails are sent over the business days and if no response is received, the query is considered by Monash as closed.

Escalation Procedures
Escalation Procedures raise the importance of a problem, depending on the age and urgency of the call. In general, if a customer is not satisfied with the responsiveness of the support staff, the problem will be escalated to the Technical Support Manager for the particular product line for which the customer has an issue. If the customer is still not satisfied, the customer may request that the problem be further escalated to the Vice President of Technical Services.