Educational institutions are heavy users of paper. Paper is generated in the form of student records, applications, employee records, correspondence and circulars. Over the years a plethora of documents have to be stored for future reference e.g. reference to degree certificates of a student for issues related to visa, after a few years of passing out. All this vital information has to be stored and produced instantly, when necessary. Monash has scalable and robust document management solutions that help Educational Institutions to increase efficiency and reduce costs on paper.

With the number of candidates applying for the prestigious courses in various universities increasing in number by the year, the need for automating admission procedures, the process of evaluating the answer sheets and declaring results has increased manifold.

Monash Solutions for Education provide the following
Faster Processing of Examination Sheets
Image Assisted Data Verification
Maintenance of Images for Post Exam Dispute handling
Online answering of queries and better Customer Handling
Images of forms maintained for later retrieval
One stop solution for entire process of examinations
Faster processing and faster verification of forms through image based verification of doubtful data
Save on the Cost of hiring an administrator
Manages records easily
Finds documents quickly
Makes Documents centrally available
Eliminates need for filing Cabinets
Prevent loss of record