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Work is only a slice of your life, not the whole pizza, but at Monash you get the whole thing, a slice of team - work, a good profile and lots and lots of opportunities to grow and go higher. Our entire focus revolves around our key assets- Our People. We take pride in being very selective about the people who wish to join us. As an organization we believe that learning is a life-long process, continuous and never-ending. And that's what we imbibe in our people policies. A culture that encourages a participative style of functioning and freedom of thought has been carefully nurtured to bring out the best in all our employees. Our people are empowered to make big and small decisions and choose the best way to achieve their goals. An environment that fosters creativity, openness and trust makes our organization a special place to be. We offer you an opportunity to work on some of the best technologies of the world. And what's even better, we create and own almost all technologies involved. So if you are a go-getter, with tons of energy and drive to get you to the top, this is the place to be. What are you waiting for? The time is right and so are you, so just log on and click at Don't forget to mention the job code in the subject field. A great place for get-setters, so be a part of the team you have always wanted to be.

Software Engineers/ Sr. Engineers/ Team Leaders
Engineers/ Team Leaders for Software Testing
Executives for Quality Systems Group
Executive: Quality Systems
Project Manager: Advanced Software Testing Group
Project Leader: Software development
Software Engineer: VB/ ASP/ SQL
Executive Accounts
Software Engineer: JAVA
Technical Writer
Engineer: Advanced Software Testing Group
Software Engineer: VC++